After you received the email which contains the download link of the SSL certificate, you need to download it by clicking that link and following the following steps to configure and activate it in your web hosting account.

Configuration of SSL certificate

• Login to the Control Panel
• Click on SSL / TLS Manager
• Click the “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates” option
• Paste the CSR supplied by the Certificate Authority in the “Certificate Signing Request (CSR)” section
• After the page is loaded, click the “Browse” button and locate the CRT file which is created by the SSL provider. Or if you have highlighted and copied the contents of the CRT file, paste it in the
• Click on the Upload button
• Click the “Go Back” link to return to SSL/TLS Manager

Activation of SSL certificate

• Click on SSL/TLS Manager > Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site. Contact your ISP, if this option is not available.
• From the Domain drop-down menu select the domain that uses the Cheap SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificate and the related private key will be fetched by the system.

• Open the Intermediate CA certificate in any plain text editor copy all the certificate content and paste it into the CA Bundle (CABUNDLE) box.
• Click on “Install Certificate.” Keep watch on a message that the certificate was successfully installed.


After installation, configuration, and activation of the SSL certificate it is recommended to verify the processes are carried out correctly, you can do this by using an online SSL Certificate Checker available on the internet.