Shared / VPS / Dedicated Hosting Explained

One of the varieties of web hosting is shared hosting, where one server can host multiple sites. Virtual Dedicated Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server – VPS Hosting and Virtual Dedicated Server) also provides the technical ability to host multiple domains, not only on a single computer but also on the same IP address. In practice, it looks like this: a few cost-effective websites that do not require maintaining a large amount of RAM, plenty of disk space or CPU time, physically located in one powerful server.

The hosting provider which provides dedicated hosting – performs the following tasks: maintenance of equipment and maintaining its efficiency, uninterrupted power supply, protection and monitoring functions, load sharing among users, if necessary – backup information.

Dedicated Virtual Hosting VPS accounts prevent the risk of server overload due to the increased number of requests for one site, which in turn creates difficulties with access to other resources hosted on this server.

The implementation of a Virtual Dedicated / VPS Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Hosting is implemented in two main ways. The first method involves a variety of IP addresses for each site, and the server has multiple interfaces. In the second case, the virtual hosting service is based on the use of the site name (name-based), and at all sites of a common IP address.

Name-based Dedicated website hosting works as follows: the user opens a browser that supports the protocol HTTP and enters the desired URL-site in the address bar. The browser connects to the webserver, which determines which site or page you want to send to the client.

Virtual web hosting / VPS IP-based address is specified. In this case, each site has its own IP address, which allows him to take his own post and additionally protects the site from DDOS attacks on the common IP address of the server. The disadvantage of this type of virtual dedicated hosting – the website may not be available if a problem occurs in the DNS (Domain Name System). A user writes a request website address in the browser but does not get the transition to the desired page. In this case, the server likely will issue the default site rather than one site which is sought by the user.

The benefits of virtual hosting VPS

A significant advantage of the virtual host based on IP-address – support for secure HTTPS protocols and the ability to install SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate of authenticity to ensure a secure connection.

Shared hosting is the perfect solution for those users who have a small or medium-scale business on the Internet. For a small fee, virtual VPS and VDS hosting provide good conditions of accommodation sites, efficiency, and a high degree of reliability. Especially suitable virtual web hosting for the non-profit resource, since it allows to save on payment of traffic and content specialist to support the site.