On a Reseller Web Hosting server, the Reseller has to create multiple accounts of his own web hosting clients and WHM is a utility that makes it easy to create these accounts. Following is the procedure to create an account through WHM with any new domain name.

Login to your WHM

  • Click Create a New Account under Account Functions
  • Here you will find the window with various text boxes which are to be filled by you
  • Enter the Domain Name, Username, Passwords(in both fields) and E-mail in prior text-boxes.
  • As there are various packages and plans of hosting services may exists so you also need to select the proper web hosting plan demanded by that particular client.
  • After filling all the required field carefully click on ‘Create’
  • It will take short time to process the account, after getting created it will be displayed on your screen.

Note :- Nameservers of your domain should be pointing to your reseller account name servers and then within few hours, your hosting account will be enabled.