Do you offer TYPO3 website hosting?

Yes, We offer TYPO3 web hosting with our hosting service packages. All our Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting packages support TYPO3. TYPO3 functions using PHP and MySQL platforms and this is supported by our servers, as all our servers come inclusive with PHP and MySQL.


TYPO3 is an open source CMS (Content Management System) and is being distributed for free under the GNU General Public License. TYPO3 is in great demand for development of organizational websites and corporate Intranet. The basic version of TYPO3 is powered with effective features partnered with already available modules and interfaces ready to be installed at anytime as per your requirement. The installation process is quite simple through Fantastico , after the installation you can easily add templates based on HTML platform. Content Management is made easy using WYSIWYG editor which is a very useful tool. You can further improve the functionality of your website by adding extensions from over 2500 extensions that are available.

TYPO3 Web Hosting comes with a lot of features like useful and effective control panel, secure and reliable servers, multiple utility tools and with an efficient 24×7 technical support. Avail complete support and free installation with our TYPO3 web hosting package at a reasonable price. Below mentioned are the system requirements for TYPO3 Web Hosting:

System Requirements for TYPO3

Operating System: Linux , Windows

Webserver: Apache , IIS

Middleware: PHP 4.x or PHP 5.x

Database: MySQL or any other database system supported by the TYPO3 DBAL