Do you provide PHPwcms Web Hosting?

Yes, we do offer PHPwcms Web Hosting. It is available with our hosting packages paired with excellent technical support with great experience in maintaining CMS hosting.

PHPwcms is available as an open-source application for your use. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. PHPwcms is a widely used content management system used by many professionals across the globe. It is provided by many web hosting service providers with their different hosting packages like Linux Shared Hosting and many others.

Below mentioned are some of the PHPwcms features :

  •  Use templates to separate content and design
  •  Associated cost to maintain the content is less
  •  Simplified Relaunching possibility
  • Dynamic services provide high attractiveness
  • Simple specifications and easy to use
  • Maintain workflow management on an individual basis
  • Backend available in multiple languages
  • Powerful layout features
  • Streamlined Editing features.

The application is quite easy to use and does not require you to be technically sound. It has great utility for both editors and administrators both. No software is required to administer your website, it can be done using a browser, giving you the privilege to maintain your website using a desktop or a laptop whenever needed.