phpMyAdmin is widely used by large number of web hosting clients because it is one of most reliable way to backup and restore MySQL database. There are following simple steps to backup and restore your MySQL database from your hosting account.

Backup Process

Go to phpMyAdmin

Click on the database name which is shown in the list.(shown at right side)

Here your will see one ‘Export Link’, click on it and you will be redirected to new window ‘View dump of database’

Click on ‘Select All links if you want to backup all the table from database.

Select required options from SQL options and click on the save as file option, you also need to click on the required compression option.

Click on the ‘Go’ button and you will see a dialog box asking for location where the file to be saved.

Restore Process

Restoring the data is also an easy process like backup process

Go to phpMyAdmin

Create a database with the required name, which will appear in the list. You can also overwrite the backup which already exists in the database.

Mark all the check-boxes of all the table names with checked mark and select the option Drop to delete all existing table in the database.

Click on the SQL link, it will bring send you to a new screen where you can upload your SQL file or also type SQL commands.

Click on the browse button and select the database file from the location it resides at.

Click on ‘Go’ button which will upload the backup, execute the SQL commands and create your database.