phpBB is a very popular application among webmasters, especially those who run forums on their websites.

Free of cost – Having a base of PHP and licensed under GNU (GPL) open-source license phpBB is popular all over the world.

Supportive – It supports a number of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and MS Access. phpBB is a feature-rich BBS, a discussion-board application that is also easy to install, deploy, and maintain.

Easy Availability and Easy Installation – phpBB’s latest version is widely available all over the internet but it’s always good to download it from the official website (, here it is available in both tarballs and zip file format. One just needs to download this file and decompress the archive, keep it on your web hosting server, and set up the database as required. For installing it you will have to follow the guidelines of the method you are using for installation. If you are doing it from cPanel hosting account using softaculous then you can get the help from the following link

Styles – By default phpBB provides ‘subsilver blue’ style and if you want to change it to any other style which can be more suitable to your website then it is possible to do. There are many pre-built styles available from which you can select the one. There is one inbuilt ‘Edit Menu’ which makes it easy to change the style directly through the browser because actually, it is a CSS file.

Simple Forum Structure – Administrating and managing phpBB style forum is very simple to set up as well as to use. The tasks like Addition, edition, and deletion of categories in the forum become very easy with phpBB.

There are number of other features come with phpBB board which I would like to discuss in another post.