‘inode’ is a term which is related to Unix and Linux systems, it is an unique number assigned to every filename. This given number is utilized for consulting that particular file’s various attributes. In other words we can say that ‘inode’ is an identification of each file created in Unix or Linux system with the purpose of file’s owner and user, file’s access mode and it’s type.

‘ls -l command’ is the command which is used for finding inode number of that particular file. With the help of inode we can also know the capacity of system of holding maximum number of files. The clients of web hosting company can watch the inodes in ‘cpanel >> Inodes Usage’. Inode is read by Kernel when any file is opened and inode varies similarly in the proportion of files used.

When the process of file system creation goes on, information about the files is stored on some data structures. Following is the information which can be retrieved through a inode.

  • File’s Length in bytes
  • Permissions as read, write and execute set for users.
  • File’s Device ID
  • File’s Group ID
  • File’s modification details
  • Record about links pointed towards inode
  • File owner’s User ID

Apart from this there are many more use of inodes for Linux Hosting custormers.