How Many VPS are Hosted Per Physical Machine?

Q. How many VPSs do you host per physical machine?

Ans. We have 3 VPS hosting nodes that are used for a new order, with 10-15 VPS hosting accounts being set up on a single node. Your VPS hosting plan determines this as well. For example, merely 10-15 VPS can be created if 5 L-VPS-03 accounts are set up on the node. 

Our next-generation Quad Core Xeon processor servers with 8 GB RAM along with mirrored hard drive guarantee excessive flexibility that can make your 10-15 VPS setup on a single node an extremely easy process while keeping up a robust performance of all VPS. 

We make it s point to ensure that a minimum of 35-40% of our resources are available on the server to be used in case of spikes in traffic or emergencies.