Utility computing One of the forms of computer use, it is possible to pool the service provider which is collectively computer resources (CPU, memory, and software), at the request of the user, it provides the amount of resources when you need it. There can also be a business model (cost structure) or the technology behind it.

The public services such as telephone, water, electricity, gas can be used without providing a generator to individual users of electricity, utilities and here refers to the user hardware features of the computer without having to install the equipment and software, usage patterns that could be used across the line is utility computing.

In recent years, various technologies (which adjust dynamic changes of resources that can be grid computing, autonomic computing, cloud hosting solutions, virtualization, provisioning, SOA) has become a keyword of new emphasis.

As the definition of the word ASP provides software services are also included, such as utility computing, often refers to the provision of hardware resources, storage and CPU / memory in general.