Managed servers


Before I suggest you to pay for managed dedicated servers, I would like you to know what managed dedicated server is. With managed dedicated server, the hosting provider provides the best support which also includes proactive security updates, security audits, anti-spam, antivirus alerts and firewall configuration. Most of the companies are offering similar services.

There are some similar technologies like “fully-managed”, “managed service”, “Self-managed” where you should not get confused with “Self-managed” and “managed” because with self-managed dedicated servers the client is playing the role of system administrator.

So which one do you need? Mostly, I would suggest you go with managed dedicated servers. It’s a little bit costly but going with a cheaper cost doesn’t justify the lack of technical support. If you are not an experienced system admin, there is a possibility that you may run into the problem which you will not be able to solve.

With fully managed solutions, the provider takes care of the details like software updates, firewall configuration and all other things that you may not think to take care until you are into a problem. A rooted server is a very last and important thing you will need in day to day life, especially if you are a company which is handling sensitive information.

The main thing is that if you are having a good experience with system administration and don’t want to pay for managed dedicated servers, then don’t. otherwise, it is a wise decision to think ahead and pay for the management.