As most of use know that ‘Magento is an open source utility available free for everyone who want it. Even much stuff like themes, templates, extensions, is available widely for free of cost on the Internet. It is popular as a free e-commerce software application which can be used commercially use by businessmen. It provided enormous flexibility towards both admin side and client side. Other great features like accelerated deployment, versatility, unique modules are included with Magento.

Following are the steps I would include which guides you for installation of Magento using Plesk control panel.

  • Login into plesk control panel of your dedicated servers and click on domains section.

  • Here you will find list of domains from which you should select the domain on which magento is required to be installed.

  • After clicking that particular domain you will find different sections where you need to find Applications & Services under which click on the Web Applications icon.

  • Here you need to click on ‘Install Web Application’ and keep the Magento in search box and click the Search button.

  • After clicking on ‘Install’ button you also need to accept the License Agreement and start the Magento installation.

  • Fill all the required information and provide the directory address in which Magento should be installed.

  • Make sure the directory you have selected for installation is correct one because if you make a mistake while doing so then the auto installer will overwrite the selected directory and you would loss all the data already contained by that particular directory.

  • If you want to install it in root directory then you need to put ‘/’ as destination directory.

  • Click on Install for finish the Magento installation.

For accessing Magento application you need to navigate ‘ Hope the above instruction would be helpful for making the installation of Magento application at your own.