For growing businesses nowadays, email is a very important and critical communication tool allowing them to generate the best results. With Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 this objective can be achieved with optimum utilization of resources and also provides great usage of your web hosting capabilities. It can be hosted on a Dedicated Server.

Below mentioned are some of the key features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 :

Better Security and Protection: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

It is made more secure with inbuilt defenses against spam email also provides additional integration filtering and multiple engine scanning provides enhanced protection. Data replication capabilities help keep the system available highly limiting the requirement for tape backup. Latest encryption features supp0rting both internal and internet-based messages help protect confidential messages.

Remote Access: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Latest Exchange ActiveSync technology provides an enhanced email and calendaring experience on your mobile device, with reliable device and security policy control. Exchange Server 2007 is powered with the new Exchange Unified Messaging which provides a new level of technology to provide more types of communications like faxes and voice mails, as well as offering capabilities like voice access from any standard phone. Web-based access provides a great user experience from any Internet-connected computer.

Operational Efficiency: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Management and administration can be done easily with the new graphical and command-line interfaces providing increased automation with supreme integration with various tools. Exchange Server 2007 provides improved storage efficiency which can be achieved through extended memory, use of more efficient and effective routing ensures optimum use of bandwidth. Third party applications or custom applications can be integrated.