IP address is one unique number of 32-bit which is assigned to website which resides on the internet. General users of internet identify and remember a website by it’s domain name but logically it need to have a IP address to be found by a internet user. As many of us know there are main two types of IP Addresses as Static IP address and Shared IP address.

Static IP Address –
When a website holds its unique IP which is not shared by any other website and just limited to itself only is called Static IP. The major cause of using a Static IP is, one can have SSL encryption process which is limited to a Static IP only. Having a Static IP make your data more secure which is transferred throughout the Internet because of being encrypted to avoid any kind of interception. When a website needs anonymous type of FTP access which makes it possible to download the data for any user, in such cases also that particular Website needs a Static IP. These type of IPs are mostly used by Dedicated Hosting Services customers.

Shared IP Address –
When a single IP address is shared by multiple websites then it is called a Shared IP. Today Corers of websites exists on the internet so allocation of a unique single IP address to each website is not possible and practical from the point of view of web hosting services providers and IP registrar, specifically when that particular website has no need for it. To avoid such type of shortage of IP addresses Shared IP is allocated to multiple websites which do not require a Static IP. These type of IPs are mostly allocated to those webmasters who go for Shared Hosting Services.