In this article, we will explain how to use cPanel to create a basic SPF record. SPF records are a must to prevent email spoofing.

Follow the steps to create a basic SPF record:

1. Log in to cPanel.

2. Select the “Email” category.

3. Click on the “Email Deliverability” sub-option.

4. Select the “Domain” and click on the “Manage” button.

5. You will into a new page. Find the SPF option.

6. Ensure the proposed entry has the option “~all” at the end.

Note: This is crucial because it appends the string “~all” to the end of the record, rejecting any addresses that fail the other checks.

7. Click on the “Install the suggested record” button. It will start the process.

8. The system will update the “SPF” record for that domain. You will receive a success message.

This way one can easily create a basic SPF record using cPanel. The mail servers and domains that are authorised to send an email on your domain’s behalf are listed in an SPF record. You can always seek help from the support experts. They are available 24×7. Also, you can check out the latest web hosting plans.