In this guide, we offer an easy way to resolve the unlimited cPanel quota problem. cPanel Quota is the disk quota assigned to numerous accounts, which determines the maximum amount of data an individual directory can hold in a user’s account. The cPanel interface helps you customise and select the quota for the cPanel account. Usually, megabytes (MB) are the metric that the cPanel quota is shown in. 

To begin with, here are some of the reasons you might encounter this problem.

A recent cPanel update resulted in unlimited quotas.

The user’s cPanel allowance includes extra log files as well.

The backup directory was included in the user’s cPanel quota.

The same file is available through multiple access points to the user on the server.

Just follow the steps given below to resolve a cPanel Quota error.

Use Command-line:

To check if /dev/root is present in your container using the command given below:
ll /dev/root

  • Try attaching it to xvda if it doesn’t already exist:
    ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root
  • Run the command line:

Once this command is used, your quotas should be set.

Keep in mind that this technique can prove to be a little complicated, so take your time while employing it. You can ask for assistance from any person who has technical experience and expertise to ensure perfect execution. You can also raise a support ticket with our technical support team. Check out our KB section to find more useful information.