We will discuss how to improve the upload max file size of the MultiPHP INI editor for cPanel in this tutorial.

Introduction:- cPanel sets the file upload maximum size to 2MB by default. This could be extended to a value that your websites can find more useful.

Follow the Procedure:

1.Login to cPanel

2.Search now for “MultiPHP INI Editor”

3.Choose the domain you want to change

4.Increase these variables:

A) upload_max_filesize:

B) post_max_size (This should be larger than or equal to upload_max_filesize)

C) memory_limit (This should be larger than or equal to post_max_size)

D) max_execution_time (Optional, but can prevent timeout errors for large files)

5.Now Click to “Apply”

In the cPanel MultiPHP INI Editor, how do I increase the file size? Visit our website for more details on our web hosting plans.

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