We’ll show you how to set up URL redirection in cPanel in this article.

The web server can transfer users from one web page to another using redirection. It’s primarily used to redirect visitors from an old website to a new, updated website, as well as to produce shorter URLs that redirect to larger or more complex URLs.

Follow the given steps below:-

1 . Login to “cPanel account”

2. To access the Redirects section, go to the “Domains section and click Redirects”

3. Select the type of “Redirection” from the drop-down menu under Add Redirect:

Permanent (301) — This redirect is permanent; it takes your site to the new website and changes your users’ bookmarks. Search engines will be directed to the new domain via a 301 redirect.

Temporary (302) — This redirects visitors to the new website, but it does not refresh their bookmarks. The original site will still be indexed by search engines.

4. From the drop-down menu, select the domain name you want to “Redirect”

5 .Enter the URL of the page/domain to which the domain should be redirected in the “Redirects to the text area”

6. To enable www. redirection for your domain, select Redirect with or without www.

Only use www to redirect – Only if the user types www. in the URL will this redirect operate.

With or without www, redirect – Regardless of whether the URL includes www. or not, this redirect will always be performed.

Do not change the URL to www – If the user types www. in the URL, the redirect will fail.

7. To redirect all files in the current directory to the identical file names in the new directory, enable “Wild Card Redirect”

8. To save the settings, click “Add”

Done! The domain’s redirect has been added successfully. Please open a request with Host.co.in the support team if you require any extra assistance. If the actions outlined in this article do not fix your problem, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be pleased to look into it.

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