For a webmaster it is one of the regular tasks to shift files and folders from one directory to another. If you are a webmaster using cPanel Hosting which comes with cheap web hosting plans, then it’s an easy task to move files and folder from one directory to another. You just need to follow the following instructions.

  • Log in in to your cPanel account, here your can find ‘File Manager’ Icon under Files category.
  • Click on it and You will come to one message window providing you the following options
  1. Home Directory
  2. Web Root (public_html/www)
  3. Public FTP Root (public_ftp)
  4. Document Root for (For Exchanging Data among sub-domains created on a main domain)
  • You need to select the appropriate option to find the destination of file or folder you need to move from and click ‘Go button. (‘Home Directory’ contains all the sub-directories so you need to follow longer path if your went through it)
  • After reaching to your destination file or folder you can find all editing options at the top of the window including ‘New File’ ‘New Folder’, ‘Copy’, ‘Move File’, ‘Upload’, ‘‘Download’, ‘Delete’ etc.
  • As you want to move the File, you first select it and click on ‘Move File’ now it will ask you the destination folder where you want to move the file, just provide it and click on ‘Move File(s)’ button.

That’s it you can check for the file you have moved in the respective folder.