Joomla is accepted as a most suitable application for strong content management system. It is very simple for performing various types of operations as installation of scripts and some added advantages of it are its graphical and spontaneous interface with its users. These qualities make it something more than a general CMS application. The areas where Joomla lacks are being antiquated for Web 2.0 applications which makes its view towards community an ordinary one. Nonexistence of superior scalability, options for more than one website and permissions to control also discourages its users. Though the Joomla’s speed is not so slow to get notified but it is the slowest application if compared with the other twos. When SEO and SEF extensions are attached some risks regarding security arises with Joomla. Still we can find many webmasters and bloggers of cPanel hosting who use Joomla as a CMS application on their websites and blogs.