Being very reputed application specially for the Bloggers Drupal’s installation is known as very much simple for those people who are not so tech savvy. Drupal is also popular fo being most supportive application to web 2.0 and having inbuilt feature like SSL which makes the scalability and grants which is supposed to be very gritty. Blogging enthusiastic ans webmasters who want a large amount of traffic are supposed to be approach Drupal. Multimedia lovers has something to get annoyed as Drupal is not know for themes supportive and already existed themes are not impressive when we compare it with others. In the past Drupal used to be known for specially targeted towards webmasters and web developers, but now a days with the launch of new version it is decreasing it’s criticisms for other users also who are neither webmasters nor web developers. Many bloggers prefers Drupal over Joomla because of administration flexibility provided in Drupal. Still providing Drupal hosting is a matter of interest of may Web hosting services providing companies.