What Is Bandwidth Cap?

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) apply certain limits over the data sent and received (Bandwidth) through internet connections, by users. Such limitations are called ‘Bandwidth Caps’. Bandwidth Caps may vary according…

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Does Host.co.in Provide Dedicated IPs?

Yes Host.co.in provides dedicated IPs with its most of its hosting plans as following. Linux VPS Hosting Windows VPS Hosting VMware Cloud Hosting Hyper-V Cloud Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting

What is a Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP means an unique Internet Protocol address which is assigned to a single hosting account solely. Ordinarily multiple web hosting accounts use a single server with single IP…

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What is Leech Protect?

Leech Protection is a great feature for Linux shared hosting consumers, provided in cPanel version 11.30, which allows you to restrict log-ins you want to allow each user within a…

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What Is Latency?

Latency refers to the time required to initiate a communication. In short, it is a characteristic of initiating a process that exists until actual communication starts. Similar to Bandwidth, Latency…

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What Is Bandwidth?

So far Computer Networks Or Internet Or Web Hosting Server Networks are concerned with the term ‘Bandwidth’ stands for the specific amount of data transferred from one server to another…

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