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Data Centers in India
^ Back to Top's data center is one of Indian's premier data centers and is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. We have developed our own 40,000 sq. ft. location that has been designed to be resilient against natural disasters such as earthquakes, something which has been achieved by constructing in line with RCC regulations. The data floor has been constructed using Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) because of the strength and fire rating benefits that have been awarded to this material. CLC has also been proven to offer improved thermal insulation and temperature differences of up 4-5C.'s data center has been constructed to guarantee that the power requirements of the hardware that we are hosting can be met at all times, including if any issues arise that could impact on the availability of power. The main features of our power configuration include:

  • The whole site is powered by an independent 1000kVA substation
  • An express power feed has been provided by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board
  • The data center is split into different zones (all of which are present in the same building); each zone has its own UPS, ATS and PDU – this configuration provides a high level of efficiency and resiliency
  • An advance true online 120kVA UPS system in a parallel N+1 configuration with battery backups feed each zone – all racks have access to a redundant power source
  • Any clusters operated by our corporate customers are located within their own zone so that physical UPS redundancy can be provided
  • 1MW and 500kVA diesel generators are available to provide additional power support when UPS systems are unavailable – these are designed to provide power for up to 72 hours if there is an issue that is causing an extended power outage
  • All power equipment is monitored at every available point so that issues can be identified before they have the potential to cause an issue.

Each server rack has also been designed to meet the requirements of the servers that are being hosted in that rack; features based around this include:

  • Dual power feeds are provided to each rack for added redundancy
  • IEC13 and IEC19 sockets cater for the power requirements of the different equipment used
  • A Busbar trunking system is in place so that any amount of power can be drawn as necessary, based on the requirements of each rack.

Direct Expansion based Precision Air Conditioners (PAC) units are used in our data center – these are used in an N+1 configuration to offer cooling redundancy; with a capacity of 18.5TR, pressurized air is pumped around to ensure that the temperature at which our servers take in the care is within the permissible range. Conditions in the data center are maintained at between -1C and 20C, with humidity at between -5% and 50%, based on current ASHRARE regulations. We have also taken the Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) approach to provide space inbetween racks for improved cooling; fillers are located in each rack to provide better CFM.

CAC is designed to operate in the following manner:

  • The natural properties of cold, denser air are addressed; by containing the air flow, the CFM of this air will increase to help maintain the minimum temperature gap between the top and bottom of the rack – this can improve the lifespan of fully populated racks
  • CAC can lead to better cooling performance and this can be tuned to allow for expansion of the facility through taking on additional loads.

We have developed our own fire suppression techniques to preserve as much as possible if a fire was to occur in the main building. We utilize an FM200 environmentally safe fire suppression system to offer protection; the extinguishing agent is stored in multiple canisters, each of which is intended for a different zone of the data center.

  • A laser-based very early warning aspirating smoke detection system (VESDA) is in place so that any fires can be detected early so that the suppression system can be implemented immediately
  • Once a fire has been detected, the control panel then sends out an alarm, shuts down air handlers and other pieces of equipment, disconnects power than then the protection agent is released into the protected area
  • The FM200 suppression system can extinguish a fire within 5-10 seconds for ultimate protection.

'Meet Me' Room

  • Data can be exchanged between hundreds of major telecom carriers and ISPs
  • Cost-effective connections can be made here as a 'meet me' room is seen as a quick and reliable gateway to the internet.
  • Traffic Policy offers a range of different web hosting services to cater for the needs of users at different levels. When ordering a dedicated server from you can opt for any combination of resources that you see as necessary to your needs so that the dedicated server that you purchase will be able to fulfill your business's interests from the start. All dedicated servers are provisioned with a 100Mbps data pipe when ordered, with different data transfer (the amount of data transferred between a server and client computers) plans available (these will be measured in GB).

    Our data center operations are automated by eMagic, an application that has been designed in-house to offer our dedicated server and colocation customers full transparency of their hosting service so that they are able to monitor their usage and the uptime of applications and services on their server(s). Our customers can view their historical data transfer usage as well as graphs for the past month, week and 24 hours; unlike other web hosting providers, we here at only bill our customers for their exact data usage instead of being speculative and generating invoices based on previous usage and current estimates. eMagic can be used to send out alerts for transfer usage so that customers can be alerted when they have used 50%, 75% or 100% of their transfer allocation.

    If a customers transfer usage exceeds the monthly allocation that they have paid for then they will be billed for the amount that they have exceeded their allocation by; i.e. a user with a 500GB allocation who uses 750GB of transfer in a monthly period will receive a bill for the additional 250GB that has been used.

    We also have unmetered bandwidth plans with which there is no cap on a customer's data transfer. One of the most popular options available here is a 10Mbps unmetered bandwidth pipe.

Physical Security

Although virtual and hardware security measures to prevent web-based attacks are also a major area of concern, when running a data center it is also important to consider the level of physical protection that is provided by the structure. As the data floor is always separate to all other areas of a data center it should always be protected by multiple layers of access so that only authorized individuals are allowed anywhere near the hardware that is located here.

The physical security measures that we have implemented in our data center consist of:

  • Our data floor is sandwiched between two other floors so that access can't be gained from above or below by any would-be thieves
  • We have armed personnel providing security at multiple points around the site 24x7, including at the main gate and on each floor
  • Biometric and proximity cards prevent any unauthorized access to the data floor, whilst all accesses are monitored constantly by a network of CCTV surveillance cameras
  • The Main Distribution Area (MDA) contains the routers, cables and other equipment that power the backbone of the data center and is separated from the main server room for added security. Network Engineers and NOC staff can access the server room, whilst only managers and Network Administrators will have access to the MDA
  • Colocation customers can host their servers with the reassurance that we can provide racks that are protected by biometric locks along with standard mechanical locks.

Network Monitoring recognizes the importance of monitoring a network around the clock because this will allow for issues to be identified as they arise so that any impact on performance can be mitigated. We use our own in-house developed system called eMagic that has been developed to monitor a number of different devices that form the backbone of any data center network including routers, switches, hardware firewalls and SAN storage arrays. Our on-site NOC team is always monitoring network latency so that actions can be taken if necessary to provide clients with shorter access paths.

Some of the features of our network monitoring infrastructure include:

  • eMagic, our SNMP-based data center management application
  • Customers are able to keep an eye on the performance of our network as we believe being transparent with customers is key to building trust
  • The network is proactively monitored by our 24x7 on-site NOC team
  • Logs and alerts are monitored 24x7 so that any issues can be acted upon
  • 24x7 surveillance around the data center building is in place to ensure that no unauthorized individuals gain access to the data floor.

Application Monitoring

The key to delivering a reliable data center experience is monitoring application uptime to ensure that the applications that a business relies on are able to serve its needs when required; even though a server may be online, if an application has failed then it is highly unlikely that a server will be capable of fulfilling its sole purpose. also utilizes eMagic for the purpose of application monitoring by keeping an eye on all real time alerts and notifications; furthermore, all colocation and dedicated server clients have eMagic access for their respective hosting services so that they configure the ports and applications that they would like to have monitored.

Key features of our application monitoring arrangements include:

  • eMagic access is offered to our colocation and dedicated server hosting clients; email addresses and phone numbers can be added so that clients can receive alerts when they are away from their computer
  • Proactive support is offered by our 24x7 support team who are highly experienced so that any issues can be fixed swiftly
  • System resources including RAM and CPU usage can be monitored from eMagic on systems where an SNMP client is installed
  • Service uptime reports can be generated as per client requirements.

Facility :

Our facility is situated in state-of-the-art data center

Connectivity Providers :

Our Data Center is connected to the Internet with highly redundant network through multiple Gigabit backbones having multiple peering with other networks.

Connectivity Speed :

We have a total of 20,000mbits of network connectivity for all our Servers. We have 2 x 10 Gbps links for our datacenter. Each Server in our datacenter is setup on 100 Mbps, fully-switched port on an edge switch. Each edge switch is then in turn plugged into two separate aggregation switches at 1gbit, with failover redundancy allowing either 1gbit link to fail.

Power Delivery / UPS :

In the unlikely event of a power outage from local power grid, all data centers' power systems are designed to run uninterrupted with the help of Two 2000KW auto-switched power generators and centralized UPS systems. Generators are regularly tested & can be used in emergency event of extended utility power outages.

Staff :

To ensure smooth functioning of day to day operations in Data Center, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff working 24 x 7 x 365 which includes highly qualified System administrators and network administrators.