Why You Should Consider Windows VPS Hosting?

As a cheaper alternative to Windows dedicated server hosting, a Windows VPS server can provide you with a Windows dedicated hosting environment at a much lower price without compromising your web hosting experience.

A Windows VPS server is ideal if you require a dedicated hosting environment and have outgrown your Windows shared hosting service, but find that a Windows dedicated server is too much for your needs. Windows VPS servers are available with a variety of different resource allocations and can be based on two different platforms, Virtuozzo and Hyper-V. Hyper-V VPS servers tend to be the more modern of the two because Hyper-V is the only Windows virtual server platform capable of running Windows Server 2008 VPS servers; Virtuozzo nodes tend to be reserved for the hosting of Windows Server 2003 VPS servers and are now being phased out by most web hosting companies.

A dedicated Windows hosting service will provide you with a much more efficient web hosting experience because you won’t have to worry about the reliability or security of your hosting environment, and the resource assignments offered by most web hosting companies help to ensure that Windows VPS hosting provides you with good value for money.

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

There are many different advantages to using Windows VPS Hosting, although you are most likely to benefit from these if you are a business that has a distinct need for dedicated Windows web hosting. Such advantages include:

  • ASP web hosting – a Windows VPS server will be able to offer you a dedicated hosting environment for your website or websites that have been developed using classic ASP or ASP.NET – both are scripting frameworks that have been developed by Microsoft and can be used to create highly scalable web applications for use in high load situations – ASP.NET is the most modern of the two and is used by large corporations to power their business websites meaning that it can be relied upon in situations that could be classed as ‘mission-critical’, you will also find that both scripting frameworks can offer a good level of interaction with the Windows operating system as well as with different database servers and applications depending on what you wish to use
  • Exchange Server hosting – if you wish to set up your own Microsoft Exchange server to be used by yourself and your employees then this can also be achieved using a Windows VPS server – Microsoft Exchange Server is a Windows only application and is used by businesses to improve the level of communication that goes on between their employees and it also encourages employees to manage themselves better using the built-in calendar and contact applications – although you’ll need to purchase an additional license in order to use the software, if you value internal communication then you will find that Microsoft Exchange Server will be a very worthwhile investment
  • Microsoft SQL Server hosting – Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular database servers available, but is only available for use on Windows web hosting services because it is a Microsoft application – if you have developed a scalable website using classic ASP or ASP.NET then you are likely to have used a Microsoft SQL Server database as the backend for your website because it will allow you to store a large amount of data without facing any restrictions or affecting the performance of your database – although the higher-end versions of SQL Server can be expensive, there is a free ‘Express’ edition available that will more than suffice for a Windows VPS server.

From the advantages of Windows VPS server hosting, you can see why Windows hosting is relatively popular with business hosting customers. Windows is able to offer businesses a reliable and fully supported hosting service that they can rely on under any circumstances; Microsoft is also able to offer a wide range of enterprise-level applications.

Disadvantages of Using Windows VPS Hosting

You will also find that there can be disadvantages to using Windows VPS hosting and you should be aware of these prior to purchasing a Windows VPS server because an alternative form of web hosting may be more geared towards your needs than a Windows VPS server. Such disadvantages could include:

  • Cost – the relative price of Windows VPS servers when compared to Linux servers of a similar specification can be off-putting to users in some cases and so if you have a tight budget, Windows VPS hosting may not be ideal – Windows is a commercial product whereas Linux is an open-source operating system meaning that you have to pay for a Windows license, and so this is going to be an added cost on top of your VPS server meaning that a Windows VPS server is always going to be more expensive than a Linux equivalent
  • Management – managing a Windows VPS server is completely different from managing a Linux VPS server because you are provided with direct access to your VPS server’s GUI via remote desktop – although for some this may seem like an easier way to manage a server, it does mean that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with a different operating system and will need to find your way around the operating system prior to being able to use it so that you don’t make any mistakes when it comes to managing your Windows VPS server whilst it is being actively used.

In conclusion, Windows VPS hosting provides you with the ideal platform for hosting a mission-critical website or web application that has been developed for hosting in a dedicated Windows hosting environment.

A Windows VPS server will allow you to make the most of the enterprise-class applications that Microsoft has to offer including Exchange Server and Sharepoint Server; it is features like these that make the cost of Windows hosting justifiable because such applications that will allow you to increase the productivity of your employees.

For the best level of performance, you can always consider upgrading to a Windows dedicated server at a later date, but it is recommended that you work your way up through the various Windows VPS servers that are on offer, to begin with.

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