Windows Shared Hosting for ASP.NET and MSSQL Web Applications

The basis of any web application is going to be the scripting framework that you have used to develop your website; in the case of Windows web developers, ASP.NET is the recommended solution because of the close ties that it offers with the Windows operating system.

If you have never publicly hosted a website before then let us introduce you to shared web hosting, the point at which you should start if you have never used a web hosting service before; not only are shared web hosting plans the most affordable solutions available, but they are also the easiest to manage.

A Windows shared web hosting service from will provide you with the tools and features necessary to get your first ASP.NET web application hosted, with full assistance available at every stage to make sure that you can deploy your website as fast as possible.

As a scripting framework, ASP.NET is a lot more robust and secure than other solutions that are available. Even though the core of the framework isn’t modifiable because ASP.NET isn’t open-source, Microsoft updates it on a regular basis to ensure that bugs and holes in the software are patched as they are discovered. So that you are able to make the most of ASP.NET, you should look for the following features in a Windows Shared Hosting package:

  • offers full support for ASP.NET 4.0 web applications so that you are able to tap into the latest features offered by the scripting framework; legacy support is also available for versions 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Plesk control panel access puts you in full control of your Windows shared hosting account so that you are able to use the features that you have purchased as you wish to
  • Dedicated SSL certificates are available in a shared web hosting environment so that you can develop a secure environment regardless of the size of your budget.

MSSQL Hosting

Behind every dynamic website that has been developed using scripting, the framework is the database for which configuration information and content for the website is stored. The most scalable solution available to Windows web developers is Microsoft SQL Server and this is a feature available on all Windows shared web hosting plans; MSSQL databases can be tied into ASP.NET applications fairly easily, allowing for a seamless end-user experience that should function as you intend without any performance or reliability issues.

Creating and managing an MSSQL database can be achieved in two ways; you can either use the ASP.NET Enterprise Manager application that is provided with the Plesk control panel on our Windows servers or alternatively, you can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, which is available for free from the Microsoft website (albeit for Windows only).

Developing a dynamic website that relies on a database as a location in which it can store its content can provide many benefits to webmasters, such as:

  • You can develop a web-based interface through which you can manage the content of your website on the fly
  • Developing advanced features for your business websites such as an online shop where you can sell your goods and services can improve the income that you receive from web-based activities.

There is also the opportunity to use MSSQL databases with other scripting languages, although the interaction and functionality will leave a lot to be desired. Furthermore, MSSQL is going to be a popular choice with larger businesses that rely on the database server to power other backend applications that are relevant to their activities.

If you haven’t used Microsoft SQL Server to any degree before then’s 24×7 support team are here to assist you whenever necessary; our main aim is to offer your clients a web hosting solution and environment that will fulfill their needs.

Web Hosting Linux or Windows

For ASP.NET and MSSQL database hosting, Windows hosting services are the only services available to meet your needs. Linux is open-source whilst Windows is a commercial operating system and it is because of the license fee that has to be paid that Windows shared web hosting services are often more expensive than Linux shared hosting services; however, as a Windows web developer this will put you in a position that will enable you to make the most of what Windows has to offer because of the direct access to the .NET framework, a feature that will extend the Windows API.

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