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Overview Of ASP Web Hosting.

Active Server Pages Hosting or ASP Web Hosting is a type Web Hosting solution for Windows Servers. ASP hosting in short means that a web hosting service provider offers support for ASP. An embedded ASP code is inserted into a website HTML page, transforms it to a dynamic data driven website. If a website is… Read More »

Benefits of Linux Dedicated and Windows Dedicated server Hosting

Hosting a website on a Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server might seem little expensive if compared with shared web hosting, reseller web hosting or VPS web hosting. There are further benefits of having a site hosted on a dedicated server, it offers 100% reliability and stability. It enables oneself from avoiding various experiences… Read More »

Advanced Security Features Offered With Windows 2008 Web Hosting

Security is one of the major worrying factor in communication across the Internet. Windows Server 2008 can be considered as one of the most secure Windows Servers. There has been an improvement in the operating system and security, which includes Network Access Protection, Read only domain controller and Federated Rights Management. All of these improvements provide unprecedented levels of protection for network, data and hence the businesses.

Overview of Cheap Cold Fusion Hosting

Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It is one of the most powerful and most appreciated programming languages available. Cold Fusion is a server side scripting technology used for creating dynamic web applications and web pages. Cold Fusion is much similar to languages such as PHP, ASP and Perl. Cold Fusion enables developers to deploy and create interactive features for content management systems (CMS), E-commerce websites etc. Inorder to use it one needs to find a web hosting provider who supports Cold Fusion.

Fully Managed Cheap Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a basic and probably the most important aspect of any Ecommerce business. Web servers are an essential component when one needs to get a website live on the Internet. Any E-commerce website needs to be taken care by multiple infrastructure factors, which includes buying and hosting servers, managing them, seamless network connectivity and constantly monitoring the performance of the servers.

Reseller Web Hosting: An Easy way to Earn Money.

Web hosting is one of the fastest growing online businesses. More and more people are working out methods of having their own website. And, inorder to place it over the internet, one needs to lease server space from a web hosting provider. Here, web hosting resellers seek in an opportunity to become the middle agents and earn money. As a web hosting Reseller, one can purchase web hosting from a larger web hosting service provider and then redistribute the same space according to one’s custom configuration to other website owners.

How to install PHP 5 on IIS 6 server.

PHP stands for Hyper text Pre processor. PHP is  Dynamic web developing programming language. But it’s need to Configure on IIS windows Server with the following steps. 1> Download PHP version from 2> Extract the the ZIP file  which you have downloaded form and rename the php.inirecommended to php.ini. 3> copy that folder… Read More »

Database management through Plesk

A Word (Database) is a Collection Group of information that can be Easily Managed and Updated in database. Database can be classified in different type of Content. Exp:- numeric , plane text , images etc….. Microsoft structured query language, mySQL  is the Most Popular Software in Web hosting world. Microsoft structured query language:  Is a… Read More »

How to Add a Domain in Plesk?

If you have decided to publish your website on the World Wide Web. You must to register a unique domain name. After completing domain registration process you can add domain name through Plesk control panel on a windows hosting. Plesk is easy and popular control panel for windows server hosting. First you need to login… Read More »