Windows 7 Operating System.

By | August 7, 2009

Microsoft has always kept it updated with new technological evolutions. Microsoft has recently launched the new upcoming version of the  windows_7_graphic operating system from the operating systems series. This operating system is more formally designed for the use of personal computers which includes desktops, laptops, tablet PC’s and mesia center PCs.This operating system is focused on the windows line and it is fully compatible with the hardware and application with which Vista is already compatible.Windows 7 Operating system is mainly concentrated on the features such as Multi-touch support, Windows shell which is redesigned, new task bar, a very new home networking group called HomeGroup. It has kept a special eye on performance parameters. Some features from the Vista are excluded and some are fully new features, whereas some features are offered seperately as the part of free Windows Live essentials Suite.

New features.

Touch and handwriting recognition.
Support for virtual hard disks.
Improved multicore processors.
Improved boot performance.
Added the feature for DirectAccess and Kernel improvements.
Support for heterogeneous graphics cards from different vendors.
New version of Windows Media center.
Improved media features.
It includes XPS pack and windows powershell.
A very new redesigned calculator with added capabilities and modes.
Control panel has also new members including clear type text
tuner,Display color calibration Wizard,gadgets,Recovery,troubleshooting,workspace center etc.

New Themes Added to the operating system are very attractive. Take a look at the image below:


The previous feature Windows security center has been renamed to Windows action center, inculdes security and maintanance of the  computer.

The Task bar is completely redesigned visually and the quicj launch bar has been replaced with the pinning applications to the   taskbar.

Developers would be happy to listen that Windows 7 includes a new API which supports SOAP-based web services, shorten install times, resuced UAC prompts, simplified developement installations. It has a specail support for the video modes, 16 bit sRGB, 24 bit sRGB, 30 bit with extended color gamut sRGB, and 48 bit scRGB. Windows 7 will be able to identify a Solid state Drive uniquely.

Internet Spades, Internet backgammon and internet checkers were removed from VISTA are restored back on Windows 7. Almost all of the existing components will be added with a new version such as Internet Explore, Windows Media Player, Virtual PC etc.

The RDP protocol is alos improved which support real time multimedia applications.

Many of the features from the Vista has been removed. which are Classic Start menu, Windows ultimate Extras, InkBall, Windows  Calender.also, windows photo gallery, windows movie maker and windows Mail are removed. This features are available with the new  package called windows live essentials.

Windows 7 will be availiable in 6 editions, however only three of them will be available for the sale in most of the countries.Some of the editions are concentrated and will be available for corporate, enterprise use.

See the new task bar below


There are many features that are not enlisted above. For the real magic of Windows 7  will be available from October 09. Exploring this operating will be a fun and a great experience. this operating system is already in the news because of its features and a special enhancements.