Why Should You Use Flash Video (.flv) Format On Websites?

By | March 1, 2012

While browsing various websites you can notice that inclusion of videos in website has become quite common and also important these days. Video websites are known for highly visited websites on the internet so to loose such visitors to video websites, webmasters have started to display the required videos from their own websites. This keeps the visitor busy on their own website and prevents him from getting distracted to video websites. Apart from this, inclusion of videos is also very important as video marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques.

‘Embedding a video’ is a very popular technique followed by several webmasters, as it saves you website hosting resources and the video is actually hosted on another video sharing website. But there are some other disadvantages of embedding of video, as the watermark of video sharing website will always appear in the video clip and you have to solely remain dependent on that particular video website for the accessibility of embedded videos. If you want to get rid of this kind of embedding then the only solution for it is directly uploading that video on your webpages and to save the resources you should use flash video format, which is the most used video format over the internet. ‘flv’ is the lightest format can be used for video files and it also has the advantage of cross platform support and built-in streaming ability. Due to use of specialized compression technique, .flv files are very small in size and can be loaded and browsed easily with enhanced speed. Surprisingly there is no effect on the quality of video due to such compression. High audio quality with stereophonic sound can be achieved with flv video formats. With help of Flash CS3 video encoder, some widely available third party software one can easily convert flv video files in to flash movies. If you are the real owner of the video held on your website then most of the Flash FLV players allow you to attach your own logo to avoid any possible theft of your video.