Why phpBB board is so popular?

By | February 25, 2011

Following are the features available in phpBB board making it one of the most popular board for forums owners.

  • Availability of various font styles and multiple sizes which are compatible for many quoting styles, codes, inserting images and automatically converting the URLs in to links.
  • Standard and extended BBCode tags and limited HTML tags are supported in phpBB boards.
  • Participant can conduct polls with multiple options in the posts and can view the public opinion on specific subjects.
  • Notifications through emails can be send whenever anyone replies to a post.
  • Topic subscription is possible in more effective to know each update over it.
  • Emotions can be from original to portray.
  • Default search facility with many search options available.
  • Private messages can be sent as emails to other members of the board.
  • Multiple types of avatars like local, remote and uploadable are supported on board.
  • Topic edition is possible after posting.
  • Post can be deleted, moved, locked and unlocked for administration and moderation purpose.
  • Topic can be divided in parts.