Why Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting ?

By | August 17, 2009

We generally do fall in the debate as which is the best operating system for Managed Dedicated Hosting and the network applications i.e.Windows OR Linux. Both have there own advantages over each other. People generally think of the integration of the platform with the existing business application , a good support, management tools, a good range of development platforms, Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is the best choice for this. All the SMBs use it.
It is always good to consider  the business ramification of choosing the commercially supported software like Windows versus Linux. Many big organization some times have a rule about what software and standards should be used. By having the complete understanding of this set of rules the further decisions are taken.

Certified compatibility of the platform with the hardware and software technologies is the most important consideration. It is one type of the satisfaction working with the certified partners. Also if anything goes wrong and client comes back to you, you can always make a shield of this certification as there is not only the world of the difference between “Supposed to Work” and “certified”.

Many of the reasons can be there for choosing the windows dedicated server hosting. And one of the biggest is the existing Microsoft applications that are deployed on the workplace. As we are aware that integration is one of the biggest aspects of the windows applications.

Many of the organization are used to the applications such as MS SQL, Exchange or any Windows CRM and many other windows products, you make take the powerful advantages of the Windows Server Dedicated Hosting.

Windows dedicated hosting includes great management tools, which are accessible through the single mouse click and an added advantage that no scripting is needed. A good managed windows environment can be of great supplement for the business. It can easily take the data from the application servers, translate it into the databases and can arrange it in a great way for the presentation. It is allowed with the most appreciated plug and play approach that helps in accelerating the development and deployment.
Windows dedicated Server Hosting helps the SMBs in the integration, robust management and a variety of the development tools. Windows dedicated server hosting may perform in the best way when it is used with the other Microsoft technologies.