What To Look For In A Hosting Service Provider

Accompanying the forums recently, I’ve seen at least one topic created by someone who has signed for the web hosting service provider and has not met expectations. Here are some tips to avoid bumping into companies like:

What To Look For:

Customer Service

Most companies have good evaluation from users because of good customer service. Occasionally, this comes at the cost of a higher price than the market or sacrifice of one or the other feature. What you have to watch is if support is available. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with the same person on a request (to avoid having to retell the story), the support team is not present in the forum itself? Contact Emails are not answered?

This may be a sign that something is not right. Test the response time to questions and seek the opinion of those who already use the service. The more contact media assets, the better.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

You have to reach a compromise between features and price. Take stock of what you really need, everything on paper boat. Then do a market research and see which companies offer what you want, within the price range you can afford. If you choose the cheapest, may cost you a delay in support, if you choose more expensive, it can cause a hole in your budget.

There is no point in running to catch a server, even if you cannot afford or do not know much about it. Be realistic and no hurry.


Occasionally, a client – or even yourself – may need a specific configuration – especially if you or your client work with development. Memory limits or upload in PHP and access to basic settings can be a different.

Check possibilities of customization that may be useful to you and your customers. Extra Tip: control panels and systems themselves can be a headache in the future in case of migration.


Keep your growth in mind forever. Your orders begin to increase, the company is doing well and more customers are coming. What if you have chosen the plan that is most advanced but it does not allow expansions or custom plans? The only way would be to change the company and it always generates a lot of work.

Make sure about the possibility of extra plans and / or custom in case of sudden growth or demand.

Tools and Resources

Every web host offers PHP, MySQL database, but not all offer partnership with site builders, scripts, SEO, WHMCS licenses and etc.. These differences may be the missing step to attract customers. If the company is innovative and likes to bring new features such as cloud implementation, support new technologies, is one more point to consider.

In case of a change, see how to proceed in case of licenses (you lose? Can migrate to pay?).

What to avoid

There are companies that are sure to most problems. And the biggest warning sign that complaints are on the Internet. If the majority is of users are complaining because something is wrong with the company. It may be a temporary problem, in this case, the complaints should have dates near.

Use common sense, see friends and users of services and you should find a good service.

Good Luck!

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