What is Web hosting? How to find cheap web hosting company?

What is Web Hosting?

It is a facility that permits enterprises and their owners to put up a website on the World Wide Web (www). A web hosting provider hosts the website on the web. Generally, a web host provides all the technologies and services required for the webpage to be visible on the web. Web pages are usually hosted on computers that are specially powered called as servers.

Here’s an example to illustrate web hosting: Almost all of your files such as word documents, images, and applications are saved on your PC or laptop, and only you can access them. I am sure most people want to make it live and show it to others. Instead of sending web file to a large number of people in order for them to view your site, the audience can just type your site’s URL and view it there.

In simpler terms, web hosting is where your website will sit on the web.

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What are types of Web Hosting?

In order to get your website hosted you need to know and understand what kind of services your website requires, and the kind of server it needs, budget, and what type of services the hosting provider offers. Following are various types of hosting options available:

  • Website Builders
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting

Let’s discuss each of the types in brief:

Website Builders

If you are a beginner who wants to get your website hosted but lack knowledge and technical skills, Website Builders is exactly what you need to begin with. This type of services offers an online browser-enabled interface in order to develop a website.

Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting more than one website owners share a server. The shared server consists of physical server and software app. It is a cost-effective type of service and the reason is like the servers even the cost is shared between owners.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, in this type of hosting web servers are completely owned by a single owner. Dedicated hosting offers much better performance as compared to shared hosting.  However, a single owner is completely accountable for the cost of the server.

Collocated Hosting

In collocated hosting, an owner has to buy a server and get it hosted at the web host’s facilities. An added benefit of collocated hosting is that the owner has full control over the server.

What makes web hosting cheap?

If you are a beginner at getting your website hosted, it is possible that you might get confused about the various types of hosting services available. So, generally, it has been noticing that the owner looks for a plan by hosts that can help save money. One way of saving your money is getting your site hosted with shared hosting. In shared hosting servers are being shared by more than one owner and resources are spread among the load. Out of all the types available shared hosting is the most cost-effective one. It is important to understand that expenses rise with an increase in resources. So anything that permits hosts to add more users under the same umbrella of power will decrease the cost. There are various providers in the market such as host.co.in that would help you with getting your website hosted at a really less cost. Also don’t get confused if you find free hosting of web pages and sites online, remember they are not entirely free.

Now it is totally up to you to decide what your website needs are. If you have plans to develop a website or start a blog where a lot of people would be visiting each day, then you should choose a cloud or dedicated hosting in order to get excellent performance. However, if you have only planned for a startup then there is no need to invest much in the beginning. In such a case it is wise to get your website hosted on shared hosting or maybe on a VPS hosting and save some money.

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