What is VDS hosting?

By | August 10, 2009

There is a  great need and demand for the security and the reliability in the hosting industry. This has made the Virtualization Technology very popular and it is widely used too. When it comes to the security and Reliability the dedicated server hosting comes into picture, however people are not ready to pay the cost related to the dedicated servers, and also the shared hosting are not trusted ones. The technology which is comes with all this features is the virtualization, VDS comes with more control than the shared hosting and it gives the power of the dedicated hosting with the cost much lesser than dedicated hosting.vds-server-image-w360

VDS is short hand for  Virtual Dedicated Server. It is created by virtualization software that partitions on a physical server into a number of isolated servers. As a result you get a powerful platform and an added security of the dedicated server with a price that is not far from the shared server hosting. After the partitions are created Each VDS is allocated a storage space and data transfer for the stability. now each VDS will have its own operating system along with the isolated web server instances, a mail server and a root access for custom software installations. The technology functions in a way such that if anything happens to a VDS on the same server, another VDS will be safe.

If we compare to the shared hosting, in shared hosting generally multiple website are stored on same directory. And this is where the risk starts to evolve. In this type every operation has its own risk, the shared customers have a dangerous level read and write access, there exist a possibility that they could modify our files. Also the stability is one issue as the customers need to share many of the resources, which includes operating system, disk drive, CPU, Memory, and application. If the error on one shared account is severe it may cause another account to go down or run slowly. In the case of the VDS , the servers are completely are isolated from each other.

If we compare performance for the shared hosting, even if there is no malicious attack it can affect a lot. More usage and traffic on one shared account can cause another accounts to slow down. When there are hundreds of the websites on the single server its performance will definitely go sluggish. VDS can be a perfect alternative to the shared hosting if you need the critical resources and privacy from the other customers. When you use VDS your are pretty relaxed and you don’t have to worry about the server memory and bandwidth. Additional stability, Security and reliability makes this hosting a complete hosting next to the dedicated hosting.