What is Optimizing Navigation?

Web Site designing is a skill and keeping it clear and good for navigation is also important. So the navigation part of the website considered important in website development. The website navigation should be very effective and should work like a Road map for the website visitors.

When a visitor comes to your site he should be able to track the site. And the webpage he is looking for easily. In short, the website should meet the visitor’s expectations.

Some important that referred to while designing a website.

1. You should take care of the loading speed, it should be less than 5 secs for a 56k modem, if you really care about this, you should avoid Flash.

2. Keep your site simple, make sure it is not fancy, and use a universal naming for the menu you use in the layout, like About us, contact us, Home, Site Map, Feedback, etc.

3. Place your navigation in specific categories, and in a good position. Also, try to add the link to the depth of the information you have on your website.

4. Use the logo of your organization on the site (homepage) and point a link to the home page on all the internal pages.

5. If your site is big means it contains many web pages, place the search box in the right-hand corner for searching the relevant content and internal pages. And try to avoid the search option for the entire web.

6. If you use Flash, try to provide the HTML version for your users.

7. It is better to create a customized error page that displays the simple site map with the links to the main section of the site. This is the best way the users can reach the right place. Even if they are trying to use a misspelled subdomain while typing in a browser.

These some of the points that I found to be included for keeping the navigation and the website good. If your site performs well it will be easy further to select a good hosting package for the website. Sometimes the site is flooded with a lot of content and stuff. You need to upgrade the hosting package or you have to choose a hosting package that is not afforded to you.

It is always better to design the website keeping in mind your hosting expenses also. Before designing the website, you can also go through a good Web hosting company and check out the details of the hosting. It is will help you in a proper planning

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