What is File hosting?

By | September 5, 2009

A File Hosting Service, Online File storage service is an Internet hosting service which is specifically designed to host static content. Online Media Center also comes in this category. This type services deal with Static Content, typically large files which are not web pages. This services can be optimized for many users. There are some related services, Video sharing, virtual storage and remote back up.

File Hosting  used for following applications:file-hosting

Software File Hosting : There are many big software’s, which use the servers to store there data and server them as needed. Software types such as Share ware, Freeware and open source  and free software often use File Hosting services to serve there software’s

Personal File Storage : Such kind if hosting Facilities can be used for personal  use as well. An individual can store his private data on the Server using this king of services. You can think it as a back up for you accessing the network resources. The users of the web can access this from anywhere , the owner can protect it by certain passwords.

Before such kind services were available, people went for traditional way of back up which was not affordable. People prefer there files to be hosted on publicly accessed HTTP server. Many Free hosting providers doesn’t allow the File to store on the server that are not related with Websites.

Content Caching : There are many occasions where you face congestion problems, bandwidth issue and there raises a need to host your Important files some where else on a different server where you can use it for a dedicated purpose, distributing the load on the traffic as well.

This services providers offer this services at there own way of billing system most of them offer it on the Space Per Giga byte system and can include the bandwidth cost as well. Some of the providers offer this for Free, based on the revenue they will generate on the advertisement. Some of them do not care about the Space you will utilize. There are many combinations of this.

Organizations are moving towards the Colocation arrangements. This Colocation are becoming very popular and they really benefit the user in every concerns.

Consumers of such type Colocation Consumers are:

Web Commerce Companies : Try to be redundant.
Major entrepreneurs : They care for their large amount of important data
Telecommunication companies : Interexchange the traffic.

You can take this service as an additional services which not only adds a back up facility for your data but a central point of access of the Files. A good web hosting company usually offers this type of services.

For More Information on Colocation arrangements you may refer Keeping your Data secured and safe : Colocation arrangements.