What is ColdFusion?

By | August 5, 2009

What is cold fusion?

You are a web site designer and mostly deal with the dynamic pages, this option is always open for you.Cold Fusion is a coldfusion programming language which is based on the HTML i.e. Hyper text markup language and is mostly used for writing dynamic pages.It is a commercial software and it is a Rapid application development platform.It is a great platform and isthe main feature is its scripting language i.e ColdFusion Markup language (CFML). It closely resemble with the HTML. It is compared to the scripting languages like ASP, JSP and PHP. ColdFusion supports other programming languages other than CFML, such as Server-side Action script which can be written in java script and is known as CFScript.

ColdFusion is mostly used for data driven websites or intranets.However, it can be used for remote services as well such as SOAP web services or Flash. It can also handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging.

Features of Coldfusion.

It gives simplified database access
support for Client and server cache management
code generation on client side.
support for conversion from HTML to PDF and flashPaper.
Data retreival from common enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, POP, FTP etc.
File Indexing and Searching.
GUI Administration.
Server, application, client, session and request scopes.
XMl Parsing.Xpath,validation and transformation.
Server clustering.
Task scheduling.
Graphing and reporting.
file manipulation is simplified including raster graphics.
Web services are simplified.

Creating application with this is very straight forward such as creating static web pages. In this applications you can introduce various range of functionality which is not availabe in static pages. shortly we can say that it is simply a collection of pages,unlike the static pages it includes the server-side Coldfusion markup Language in addition to the HTML. CFML allows the users to take control of the application and generate the dynamic content that is returned to the web browser. When such application is requested by the browser, it is automatically pre-processed by the ColdFusion application server.This server executes the logic, interacts with the other server technologies and then dynamically generate an HTML page which is returned to the browser.