Uses Of .htaccess File For Authentication and Authorization.

By | May 12, 2011

The .htaccess stands for ‘Hypertext Access this file used for configuring a web hosting server and to control its activities. This file plays an important role in security and performance of the websites residing on that particular server. It is popular among webmasters for keeping control on their websites.

There are multiple ways to configure .htaccess file, in this post you can see following two important factors of .htaccess file.


Authentication and Authorization.

The .htaccess file controls and provides, authenticationa and authorization for the visitores of your website, it also has to ability to restrict certain pages of your websites from getting views by particular visitors. This is a great utility to get rid of spam-bots, spam mails, form submissions and uwanted comments. Through .htaccess file a webmaster can block any particular domain name of IP address from which is facing spammy visits. This was all about blocking the access and further more a webmasters can also set specific permitted access by setting password (.htpasswd file) for his websites, so that authorised people can only enter in to protected webpages which may contain sensitive data, of his websites. This uritlity is very useful for a blog or a collaborated website where multiple people are responsible for updating them.