Unrealized Benefits Of Blogs in SEO.

Some people do not agree to the fact that Blogs are always favored by search engines (SE). Blogs are darlings of SE’s. I believe that spiders and robots frequently crawl blogs that are updated regularly with fresh and unique content. Blogs are considered as website CMS with an additional functionality alike comments, trackbacks and RSS. Blogs share most of the similarity with web sites.

Below are some of the benefits of Blogs.

Non-Search traffic – The best benefit of blogs is that they permit oneself to generate considerable amounts of traffic by means of feeds and links that have no connection with search engines.

Fresh content – Search engines and visitors like fresh content everytime they visit a website or blog. A site can get crawled more frequently, allowing your new content to become searchable faster, from a search engine perspective. Fresh content is an indication of a more authoritative web site.

Inbound linking – The ability to link freely to each other, much better than a web sites can is one of the biggest benefits of blogs. Blogs are one of the significant sources of posts to social news and social media web sites. Text, audio and video are all easily supported for syndication by blogs. The more media available, the more likely it would attract incoming links. In addition to that, there are many widgets and plugins available that make blog content sharing very easy, thus encouraging links and traffic.

URL Structures – Most blog softwares offer uncomplicated URL structure, which make it pretty simple for the SE spiders to search and crawl blog content.

Active community – Blog software enhances interaction due to the feature of commenting and trackbacks. An active blog community creates the kinds of credentials from other sites that search engines tend to reward in the rankings. Regular blog readers can enhance the site’s visibility by promoting it on other blogs and forums.

RSS Feed – Links to RSS feed urls that use the blog domain name can assist to build link popularity and when RSS content is referred by other blogs, any embedded links would also help in sending traffic.

Internal links – Blogs that post product or service related information can deep link anchor text to product information or purchase pages deep within the web site. This is very beneficial for ranking on long tail phrases.

Structured content – Blog softwares with category features enables the segregation of content according to themes, hence making it easier to categorize content according to the algorithm. There are much better chances of ranking well in a particular, if one writes the content that is easier for search engines to understand.

One can get a web hosting package, may be the smallest one, and start with a Blog. Web Hosting providers offers different packages as per requirements. They offer plans designed specially for Blog hosting.

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