Top-5 Ideas for Creative Business Website Domain Names

To start a business online the first step that the business owner needs to take is selecting the perfect domain that resonates well with his business. As a business owner, they need to understand a rightly-selected and creative domain name helps in boosting their business’s brand authority, customer-retention and importantly differentiating their business from others offering similar products and services. The business owner needs to invest enough time when selecting the right domain name.

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So, what are some of the great ideas that one can follow when going for a creative domain name for their business?

Basics of Domain Names

A domain name depicts the name of your website and is the address from which the users can have access to your website. Domain names were developed so that it becomes easy for the user to remember the web entities rather than a long string of numbers, known as IP addresses. However, a domain name could have a combination of letters and numbers along with an extension like-, .com, etc. The extension could either stand for gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains like- .gov, .edu, .biz) or geography/country like .in, .uk, .eu) or second-level TLDs like, No two websites on the Internet space share the same domain name.

Common Domain Name Issues

Choosing a domain name is often considered to be a time-consuming task. There are certain trademark-related issues to domain names that might occur.

So, the following are some common issues that business owners face when selecting a domain name-

• Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting refers to the act of registering and then using the domain name with bad intent. It is considered to be one of the most common disputes related to trademark and domain name.

• Cyber Twins

Cyber twins take place when two businesses hold a valid claim for a domain name. It is considered to be the most complicated trademark issues pertaining to the domain names.

• Ideas for Creative Domain Names

The first step in any online business begins with selecting the right domain name. The domain name serves as an identifier for the business. Having a creative domain name allows the business owners to overcome the above-discussed issues related to domain names. Also, to gain more traffic on the website, business owners need to choose a domain name that is catchy as well as creative.

Following are top-5 ideas that business owners can use for having a creative domain name-

• Placing Keywords in Domain Names

Keywords play an important role when it comes to ranking in the search engines. If the business owner wants his domain name to get ranked on top of the Google SERPs, then placing the keywords in the domain name is a good practice. These keywords depict the products and services of the business.

• Creating Brand-Oriented Domain Names

Brand-oriented domain names are beneficial for the businesses that have already established their brand presence in the market. Their target customers are already well aware of the brands and their selling deliverables. These brands tend to have higher brand recall values due to their brand elements like- logo, slogans. If the businesses want the customers to remember their brands for a longer time, then they need to have a domain name that perfectly resonates with their and brand and its associated elements.

• Make it Easy to Spell and Pronounce

One of the major reasons why most websites lose out their traffic is due to the typing errors that users make. When going for a domain name, the business owners need to assure that their website names can be easily spelled and pronounced. They also need to ensure that their domain name has no amalgamations, that could end up with typing errors. Business owners can even combine two keywords that help their domain to a standout amongst the competition, thereby, giving a clear message to their customers.

• Avoiding Hyphens

Most of the domain hosting experts have a belief that the domain names for the business websites must not any hyphens. Having hyphens in the domain is often treated as spam and no business owner would like to associate themselves as spam. Domain names with hyphens are prone to typing errors and these might end up the business’s target customers onto their competitor’s website.

• Selecting Creative Extensions

Today, most of the websites that are present in the Internet arena have already been registered with a .com extension. Business owners can select creative extensions other than the previously discussed TLDs. These creative and unconventional domain extensions help their customers in remembering the domain names of the business quite easily. for Domain Names besides being a web hosting provider also offers services related to domains as well. With, businesses can register and transfer domain names with ease. Businesses can also select creative domain extensions. Under the domain privacy, offers Domain ID protection for helping the business to mask their identity from any unwanted cyberattackers.

Concluding Remarks

Selecting the right domain name is not an easy task as it is the digital identity of any business. One should always invest in a good amount of time before finalizing the domain name. Businesses can use above-shared tips for creative domain names. These tips might help the businesses to stand apart from their competitors that are offering similar products and services.

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