Tips for Safely Storing Files in the Cloud


Storing in the cloud has become an interesting option to keep your saved documents. Nowadays there are numerous servers that bring this functionality, allowing not only store your files but access them anywhere. However, like any other service on the Internet, it is important to take certain precautions, so we will list some tips for storing in the cloud safely.

The primary tip is to know really difficult to formulate passwords. We’re talking about sequences which involve numbers and letters, upper case or not. After all, it is the password that will protect your account from any hackers who steal your files. At the same time it is recommended to avoid sharing folders and passwords with others. It is a personal service, so restrict it only to you.

Look for reliable and preferably free servers. A good tip is to store files on Google Drive with a capacity of 15 GB free. And other companies also offer free versions, as Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Cloud hosting by etc. Interestingly these services are secure, because we are dealing with serious companies that already work with online storage.

Back up regularly. After all, online storage is subject to instabilities of the server, which can cause problems if you want to access a particular service at that time. Create spreadsheets to know what you are saving is an important form of control.

Finally, do not forget to sync your files. Maintain a constant update of what you saves. In current times, the cloud is an indispensable tool. Make use of this amazing tool.

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