Text Modification And Input Mode VIM Commands

Commands for Text Edition

In this post I have described the VIM commands used for text modification and commands used through Input Mode.
x – to delete the character which exists under the cursor.
rn – while using this command ‘n’ to be replaced with the character which you want to place in the place of any character under the cursor.
cw – this command puts you into input mode by replacing the current word at which cursor exists.
dw- to delete the current word on which cursor exists.
dd – to delete the current line in which cursor exists.
yy – to copy a line into the buffer.
P – to paste the copied line where the cursor exists.

Input Mode Commands

i – to insert text before the cursor.
I –  this works similar as ‘i’ but starts inserting text from the beginning of the current line.
a – to append text after the cursor.
A – this works similarly as ‘a’ but starts appending text at the end of the current line.
R – this command replaces characters which is currently under the cursor, it works similarly when we type the characters in windows with the insert key on. In short it is used for overwriting the current characters. To stop this command you should press the ‘Esc’ key.
o – to open the new line under the current line.
O – to open the new line above the current line.
Thus we saw the different VIM commands which are very handy while working on a Linux Hosting server or a Linux based system.

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