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Essential features of a Cloud Backup Service

Features of a Cloud Backup Service by Host Any kind of business generates huge amounts of data and it is important to store that data in case there is a disaster in the future so that all the data can be backed up to reform your business. Storing your data on external hard drives is… Read More »

Cloud Computing Trends Driving Growth in 2018

In this era of Information Technology, executives are not looking at cloud as just a tool to leverage their infrastructure anymore. They are now exploring optimal ways to use cloud technology in order to strategize their business goals in 2018. The cloud journey began from a personal storage system to an organization’s storage system and… Read More »

Offline Cloud Storage, A New Trend In Cloud Hosting Solutions

Offline Cloud Storage, A New Trend In Cloud Hosting Solutions: Cloud services brought a great opportunity to make online applications available at any point of time with the main devices like PC, smartphone or tablet. According to the latest survey conducted in 2012, 57% of companies consider themselves to use SaaS (Software as a Service)… Read More »