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India’s Massive Data Breach: 81.5 Crore Citizens’ Information Leaked from ICMR’s Covid-19 Database

In a shocking turn of events, India recently witnessed one of the most significant data breaches in its history, with the personal details of a staggering 81.5 crore citizens exposed. This massive breach has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and raised concerns about the security of sensitive data in the digital age. The Breach: The… Read More »

Executing Disaster Recovery as a Service

Keeping your business safe and sound from Executing Disaster Recovery as a Service, natural disasters, and other natural calamities should be given importance. But, today where data is the heart of the organization, protecting the heart from cyber-attacks, malicious activities should be given first priority. Where this year 6.8 million connected devices are accounted, the number… Read More »

Keeping your Data secure and safe: Colocation arrangements

Data is the most important thing when you think of any business, it needs to be handles carefully, Security should applied to it in the most appropriate way. Most of the intruders logs onto your system for only data. The intruders can hack your data can get your business secrets and many more things. This… Read More »