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Beware of Top 4 Hacking trends

Beware of these Latest 4 Hacking trends to secure your website – Host.co.in The birth of hacking in 1878 was not a serious issue as it is in this modern era. The golden childhood warning “Stranger danger!” has withstood the test of time even in this modern digital era. Today, the “hacker” carries an overwhelming… Read More »

Ransomware Main Source in Fueling Cyber Attacks

Ransomware Main Source in Fueling Cyber Attacks – Host.co.in With the rise if ransomware attacks in early 2016, more and more cybercriminals are taking advantage of this lucrative crime spree. It has been reported that hackers have been busy the initial quarter of 2016 developing new domains and subdomains and attacking the authentic ones to… Read More »