Static IP web hosting or Dedicated IP web hosting

By | May 19, 2009

Static IP web hosting or Dedicated IP web hosting is one of the hosting solutions offered by web hosts. In this, a unique IP address is exclusively assigned for an individual domain. A visitor can type the domain name or even the IP address to access the website.


There is difference in the web hosting accounts, depending on whether the IP is unique or shared. An exclusively unique IP address can be purchased from the web hosting provider. These websites allow customers to upload the content and other files to their personal and secure web space. Such services are recommended for large businesses and e-commerce websites, as unique IP’s offer better security.

A website with a shared IP is more prone to attacks and spams. A major advantage of having a dedicated IP for a domain is that, it provides greater flexibility. One can install a private SSL certificate alongwith an anonymous FTP. An SSL certificate proves to be very useful for businesses that involves online payments, as it is encrypted. With FTP, individuals can share information on the World Wide Web. The public directory of a companies website can be accessed using a FTP software.

Once a dedicated IP is assigned to the web hosting account, an owner of a business gets more benefits for the website. A website with a dedicated IP gets rewarded in the SERP’s, which is one of the major factors for a business to succeed.

One can find number of web hosting providers who provide such services at reasonable prices. Prices do vary from company to company. Hence, it is important for an individual to do research in this regard. It is suggested to discuss the need of a dedicated IP for a domain with their web hosts, probably they are the best people to offer you the best solution.