SSL Explorer: Community Edition

By | August 3, 2009

SSL Explorer : SSL Explorer has two editions

SSL Explorer : Community Edition site_logo

SSL Explorer : Enterprise Edition.

Let us see the community edition.

SSL Community edition : It is an Open source SSL VPN product which is developed by 3Sp Ltd. This solution is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Primarily this solution is aimed at the smaller business that requires remote access to the internal networks resources.

Its design is gives it an added advantage. It is designed to install upon a standalone server and it allows to interconnect remotely to an internal network resource such as intranet websites, file sharing, applications such as Fat Client and it also supports other data supports such as regular web browsers. The end user is benefited in the way of use and easy access to the resources they need daily. The resources needed daily can be accesses through the web browser without installing dedicated VPN Client software.

Number of operating systems supports this Explorer;

Microsoft Windows 200, XP, Xp,x64,2003 & Vista

Almost all the main flavors of Linux : Red Hat Enterprise linux, Fedora Core, CentOS,        SUSE Linux, Debian, Gentoo.

Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

Sun Microsystems Solaris 8 and 9.

SSL Explorer is written in java programming language and it contains databases of its own and the web server is used to serve the secure web pages which allows to access the back-end network resources. Shortly if we say it acts as a web based proxy which is an intermediate between external users and it also provides the means to authenticate the users by identifying by the querying a number of user database including Microsoft’s Active Directory.

A special care is taken  for the resources that use the port forwarding to operate successfully. For this type of resources a lightweight Java applet is developed known as SSL-explorer Agent which is downloaded and launched by the client browser.

SSL is beneficial to all the potential users, however there are group of many users which are greatly benefited and kept in mind while designing the browser.

Road warriors – The users who spend lot of time in traveling and need to connect to the office computer from number of different computers.

Technical support staff: In most of the corporations technical support is located at OFF site.

University Students: These students are also roaming and need to connect from the different locations.

Telecommuters: Exclusively these people work from the home and need the dedicated remote facility.

Technologies that is used by the SSL-Explorer:

rPath Linux – provides appliance platform for SSL Explorer virtualized appliance.]

Apache Struts – MVC framework for web development

Jetty 5.0 – Java based web server and servlet container.

HSQLDB-Lightweight java database for storing configures data and internal database.

AJAX Tags– For responsive web interface.

Common tags– used for Virtual file system implementation.

Log4j-Logging component of SL

Rome-RSS feed readers.

JCIFS–  For SMB protocol support for windows networking.

BEA systems jRockit– High performance SSL- Explorer installations.