SSL Certificate for Security and Credibility of Your Website

By | December 19, 2016

SSL Certificate for Security and Credibility of Your Website

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is important because the increasing trend of online shopping, online shoppers are very careful and want to be assured that their crucial information is safe. SSL certificate provides encryption of sensitive and crucial data like credit card and personal information. It also proves that your online website is trustworthy and reliable to your customers.

Why SSL certificate is important

E-commerce sites must have an SSL certificate. As an owner of an e-commerce site, it is inevitable for you to protect your customer’s sensitive information. SSL certificate acts as a shield and makes sure that information is not misused. If an inappropriate person somehow gets access to your customer’s credit card or debit card information, it will prove dangerous to you and create negative publicity for your brand. Your customers should know that their information is of prime importance to you and you are implementing solutions to protect them.

If you store credit card information on your database, you can process it using an offline POS machine or charge it manually on your merchant account’s website. For securing the credit card information which is transferred, you definitely need an SSL certificate.  You also need to be cautious with the data when it is stored on servers.

As long as it is not creating problems, you can opt for shared SSL certificate which web hosting providers give instead of buying your own SSL certificate. However, a shared SSL certificate will not provide 100% assurance to your customers regarding the security of their information. It doesn’t include your website or organization name in it and may give a warning.

If you want your own SSL certificate, you can own it. Many web hosting providers provide SSL certificate along with their other services. You will have to pay for having an SSL certificate.  But will not charge for an SSL certificate. Whether it is free or paid, SSL certificate is extremely important for your website to stand in the competitive environment.