SSL Certificate and Its Importance.

By | January 28, 2012

Threats to Online Businesses are not new in today’s widely spread internet world. To achieve highest security for an online business SSL Certificate plays an important role. The term ‘SSL’ is basically related with website hosting services. It’s expected from Webmaster to think and implement the security systems in a smarter way. The websites with SSL certificates are the most trusted websites on the internet, the simplest way to identify such websites is the starting of URL as ‘https://’ where as you will find other normal websites starting with ‘https://’. SSL certificate is a Digital certificate assigned to a website which approves the identity of a Website as a secured website. When a website deals with online transaction involved with money the people are very conscious about its reliability and how secure it is to make payment thorough those websites. The specialty of SSL opted websites is that every information is encrypted for security purpose before it passes thorough networks, to avoid an the leakage of sensitive information. So if one is dealing through an SSL secured website then he can be sure that the information he is providing through it will remain fully confidential and secure.

Following are is some of the information that is contained in the SSL Certificate

  1. Name of the owner of the SSL Certificate
  2. Serial Number and the Expiry date of the Certificate
  3. Copy of the certificate owners public key
  4. Digital Signature of the Certificate issuing authority