Spam Assassin : Fight against Spams

By | December 6, 2010


You are receiving too many spam emails in your mailbox, we would recommend you to consider enabling Spam Assassin through your cPanel control panel provided by your Web Hosting Service Provider. Steps to enable Spam Assassin are mentioned below:

cPanel -> Mail -> SpamAssassin -> Enable SpamAssassin

Spam Assassin is one of the applications available to automatically filter mails using a broad range of heuristic algorithms on email headers and message body to filter Spam emails. With capabilities to eliminate almost or more than 98% of all Spam emails, it is has proved to become a powerful application to fight agaist spams. Peformace of Spam Assassin can differ based on individual configuration, which are tunable by website owners. Once the identification process is complete, the email is tagged as Spam for later filteration using the user’s desktop mail client.
Custom filters can also be added to improve the functionality of Spam Assassin.