Some Tips to increase Traffic.

By | September 2, 2009

When it comes to increasing the traffic to the sites and converting them to the Clients, people have multiple views. You may have the best product around, or thesite-traffic best features to your site, what costs is how do you make people aware about this. Although you have all this(good product) but you don’t go for the right strategy to reach out clients your efforts for the product are wasted. Many of the users are shocked when you get to know the marketing people putting effort in time ,money and even though didn’t find anything healthy.

Marketing should be carried on a good research and strategy. Some of the steps for good marketing are given below:

Social Book Marking: Marketers savvy are already aware of this. Social book marking for the site and the blogs has a great potential to drive traffic. People who are using this technique will be benefited in the present as well as in the coming future. Social it self contains building your contacts and relations. You should be able to build a good network with your niche and maintain it as well. If you don’t know how to use it, learn it start building it now itself. Try to be expert in this, which will surely help you. Create your profile on the most used Social sites such as Squidoo and face book. Create your niche group and interact with them. Google crawl this pages and rank them as well.

Social sites such as Digg, Faves, Twitter, IndianPad, Spurl, Blinklist etc allows you to share your content with your group. Try to keep yourself updated on this sites and you will be benefited for sure.

Search engine Marketing: Pulling out traffic from the search engines should also be done in an organized way.We can do it in two ways:

By optimizing for the specific keywords and then appearing in the Search Result page (SERP). This is also a good practice. The keywords chosen should be relevant to the product and researched well for getting good results. May be Google Adwords can help you out in this.

Another way of getting on the result page is trafficking PPC campaigns, it will make you appear in the Sponsored result page and will gain you a great traffic. When you get indexed , traffic will jsu flow your way.

Online Advertising : This is one of the best way to get visualize and track peoples attention. You should be very clear about your though about your products when you go for Advertising on web. You will have to spend on purchasing Banner Ads, Text Ads, and target on the niche sites. Targeting is the important part of this. Your Ads should be Targeted to the specific site only. This is very transparent procedure, when you go for this Advertising you can monitor the traffic that is coming your way and see your performance simultaneously. Ads can upgrade your site performance and increase your traffic at sudden.

While planning a marketing strategy One should be very clear with its Goal and the tactics. The tactic which provides good results should be chosen and then acted accordingly. Some of the tactic take time to show there results. Above given tactic are proven to be effective in the specified goal, hence you can directly follow this.

In addition to all this steps carried out, you should be careful of the hosting provider you are dealing with.You should be careful while choosing the Web Hosting service provider. It can lead to be a good base for your efforts.